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My deepest apologies to my blog readers that I couldn’t post for a long time.

This has been one of the hardest years for me and my family, and probably many people are in the same boat as we are.

The good news is my latest book, TWILIGHT STARLIGHT WORLD ALIGHT (TSWA), finally came out of quarantine (editing process) and finished formatting. Yay! Right now, it’s on sale on Amazon and other sellers will follow later this week. The manuscript is in the sellers’ hands to check. All books have to go though this process before they go on sale.

Please check out the summary and trailer for TSWA on my website.

It took longer than I had expected to publish it, because my job’s shifts were long and I didn’t have much time or space to breathe. It will probably continue like this unless the storm of COVID-19 abates.

The better news is my new editor has been working on another book of mine coming this winter.

Click here for a summary:

Thank you, everyone, for your patience.

Please stay safe and be well.




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