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Kelly A. Martin


In my life, I have had several very fortunate encounters with amazing people.  One of those times is finding Kelly on her website.  Her book cover art is just so breathtaking, almost ethereal when I see each of her covers.  I thought I had to contact her right away.  Her artistic inspiration and creativity that I call magic is evident when she often says, "I got an idea," and every time something extraordinary happens, especially when I have quite a serious request for her to solve.  Thank you, Kelly.

She is an award wining book cover artist (InD'tale Magazine's 2019 Rone Award for Best Contemporary Cover Design) and with her husband Mr. Perry Martin, also an award wining film-maker, they help authors like me.  I revere her and her art and I think she's genuinely a genius.   

Image by Dan LeFebvre


This is another incredible encounter in my life with another awesome talented person, like the case with Ms. Kelly A. Martin.

I was looking for a narrator and voiceover talent who could help me convert my book into an audiobook. I am fortunate to have met such a gem among talents.

No matter who narrates a book, the difficulty of performing all the characters alone in a book is beyond me. I wonder if it must be some kind of preternatural ability that one person can create multiple different voices and tones for each character.

Of course, each narrator can only achieve up to a certain limit as they have to perform some characters who are the opposite of the narrator’s gender. That creates inevitable situations, for instance, a male narrator has to be a teenage bubbly girl or a female narrator must play a role as a senior-age sly gentleman. I know I have to take those facts into consideration as well.

Cheryl is incomparable. When she conveys her voice, as if a superpower invokes an ancient hero, every character in my book suddenly materializes before my eyes.

Thank you Cheryl for your impeccable, warm, clever, profound performance.

Cheryl May_Logo_2020-05-17.png

Eric Bryan Moore

aka D. C. Cole



I believe many people would recognize his deep, velvety voice that caresses your heart and soul like sophisticated aged scotch. When he performs his magic in the romance category, he uses the pseudonym D. C. Cole.

I heard about him from one of my friends. I listened to his narration and realized his voice was suitable for a sharp and dazzling federal agent. He also has the amazing skill to narrate girls brilliantly. Yes, girls. You may be surprised, but he is exceptionally capable of voicing bubbly females. Of course, the tone can't have a female pitch, but when I listened to his demos, I could envision two girls interacting with each other in front of me.

Obviously it is difficult to play every role in one story. However, his expertise makes it possible to breathe life into characters that would mesmerize anyone. He has been an extremely busy artist; however, he willingly accepted my book to create an audiobook.

I am very privileged to introduce him to my readers/audience. His talent is extraordinary, as is his kindhearted nature.

Thank you, Eric, for generously sharing your unparalleled talent.

Northern Lights



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