If love was encrypted,

Which tool would you use to decode it?

An excellent decipher program

or your questionable courage?



The IRS Criminal Investigation Division sends an agent to investigate a suspected money laundering case in Silicon Valley, CA after one undercover agent goes missing.


Meanwhile, the domestic counterterrorism team of the FBI has intercepted a suspicious electronic message that turns out to be an instruction to buy weapons and explosives from the famous dark website, Freedom Way, allegedly having a connection to domestic Islamic State sympathizers and terrorist-wannabes.


Abby Stevens is a red-haired, amber eyed, beautiful independent woman working at Google San Francisco, living a fun life in Berkeley with her friends nearby.  When she receives three mysterious letters at work, things are suddenly going south.  Soon her apartment is set on fire and she barely escapes.  Her boyfriend David Harp, the Asst. Director of the West Coast Division of the FBI stationed in the SF office suspects she’s being targeted for something that she has no idea about.  Soon, the FBI, ATF and the Berkeley Police start unraveling mysterious crimes leaving all of Berkeley on edge.


Meanwhile, the relationship between Abby and David seems to stall, for both of them have different scars from their past relationships.  They can’t cross their lines to tie the knot quite yet as they still have bitter tastes in their mouths from their last partners. Will the anxiety of committing to each other destroy their relationship?

                                                           Coming to your home in March, 2020

Image: Designed by Kelly Martin <>      Copy right 2019©Kay C. Beerman