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If love was encrypted,

Which tool would you use to decode it?

An excellent decipher program

or your questionable courage?

Abby Stevens, a vibrant tech worker at Google San Francisco, resides comfortably in Berkeley. Her cool life is suddenly toppled over when criminals start threatening her for unknown reasons. When the danger escalates, instead of brooding, kick-ass Abby confronts the menace to get back her normal life.

Striking FBI divisional assistant director David Harp has motherloads of trouble on his hands, including his girlfriend Abby who abruptly decides to leave him. Another investigation by the other federal agency in his territory doesn’t help him either. It quickly ups the ante when Abby becomes the target of a murky crime. Furthermore, he and his cyberteam must find the locale an encrypted message has been sent from and dig up the root of evil to foil their plan of mass destruction. Can he also win back her love?

  Coming in summer, 2020

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Cover Art by Kelly Martin <>      Copyright 2019-2020©Kay C. Beerman