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Thank you and good wishes

Hi everyone,

Hope you and your family are doing well despite the omicron issue.

It's already mid-December, and I'd like to thank all of you who supported me throughout the year. I am deeply obliged and grateful.

This year, aside from the COVID commotion in society, I lost two important members of my family one after another. We as a family haven't really settled down yet emotionally. (The two didn't die from COVID, thankfully. Both had carcinomas.) There still are a few things I have to take care of legally, and then I will probably be able to start grieving.

I will keep writing even though I lost part of my heart when they left the earth as well as keeping my day job, which had also been influenced by their mentorship since I was a grasshopper. On the other hand, I won a couple of awards for my books, but the most significant one is the 2021 New York City Big Book Award. As you know, my Twilight Starlight World Alight was named the winner of the Romantic Suspense category. Even Serendipity in Berkeley got second prizes from a few awards. I am so honored and humbled.

Thank you for reading my murmurs and again, I don't know how I can thank you enough for your support.

Please have a peaceful and safe holiday season. I am sending you and your family good wishes for a better new year.

See you next year.

Lots of love,





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