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About my future book (after 'Twilight Starlight World Alight')

★ Please check out the web page for my upcoming new book Twilight Starlight World Alight

Some readers asked me if there is any possibility for them to read another story about Sam and Alex from Serendipity in Berkeley. (Thank you for liking them and asking about it!)

Guess what! I am writing about them again, in quite a different situation though.

You may remember that at the end of Serendipity in Berkeley, they are engaged. Their new story is taking off a year after those bad dudes (Gary and his siblings) were tried and convicted.

Alex’s parents have to take time off from their work in Europe to attend the wedding, so it won’t be any sooner than Christmas.

Meanwhile, in Twilight Starlight World Alight, Sam and Alex have supporting roles in helping David and Abby solve their case.

Anyway, the timeline of the new story falls after David and Abby’s story.

Sam and Alex have to face an incident that forces them to overcome a different kind of adversity once more on their path to the altar.

It is more suspense, and crimes are committed in a very cunning way. Charming new characters play important roles. There are several shocking mysteries connected in unexpected ways that will surprise you all the way to the end. That’s a pretty generic description, but I am trying not to give away too much here, yet. It wouldn’t be fun, as if you knew what your Christmas gift would be before you looked under the tree on Christmas morning. (Too much drama in my expression? Sorry. But I am sure you will enjoy this story as much as I do if you like detective work to solve multiple cases seemingly not connected to each other – but they are...)

In fact, this story will contain my favorite plot elements. I’m really enjoying spinning the threads of the story and weaving them into one big web.

One of the interesting aspects that I’m exploring in the plot is the power of the media to influence the course of an investigation. Journalists have networks of contacts that are often different from those that law enforcement rely on, and together they can solve cases. You may have seen TV series involving investigative journalists who work with law enforcement and victims’ families to pursue cases that have languished unsolved. The media also have the power to expose wrongdoers in public service or even in dealings between businesses and consumers.

I will put up the upcoming book page on my website later, so you can read its blurb there.

Thank you for visiting my website and reading my blog.

If you have something you’d like me to talk about in my blog, please let me know. Please go to the CONTACT page on my site and type in a topic. I’d be very grateful for you to do that.

Please stay safe and be well, all. See you soon.






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