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The release of TSWA audiobook

Hope you’ve all remained healthy and well.

With COVID vaccines being distributed, there is light at the end of the tunnel, but please stay safe.

Great news – The audiobook of Twilight Starlight World Alight is finished and available for purchase on Audible, Amazon and iTunes. If you’d like to listen to a sample, please go to my website and look on the Audiobook page.

The narrator Mr. Eric Bryan Moore (using the pseudonym D. C. Cole for the romance genre) has done a great job on my book. He breathed life into the entire book, from each individual character to the romantic scenes to the urgency and tension of the suspenseful scenes in the story line.

Not only is Eric a great narrator, he is also highly professional. I knew a little more about what to expect in the production process as this is my second audiobook, but Eric made it a lot easier by his responsiveness and seamless corrections during all phases of production.

Thank you, Eric.

Meanwhile, as for my next book Lovers of Raven’s Crossing, I’ve been tweaking it here and there. It's almost finished and I hope to publish it soon.

It is spring and people are feeling more open and bubbly but please do not let your guard down just yet and take good care of yourselves.




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