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Serendipity in Berkeley in Audiobook! (3)

How not to get killed by creating an audiobook, #3

Hi everyone,

Hope you're doing fine.

Let's talk more about creating a audiobook.

When you’d like to create your audiobook, you’d go to, unless you know how to make it already or own a studio and you can convert your book without any help.

I am a newbie indie author. How much did I know about the audiobook thing? Nothing. None, nada, null, zero, zilch, nil (I cannot think of any other words for none).

So, what I did first was, of course, just google it, putting words like how to convert my own book into audiobook, etc. Tada! I found ACX.

Then my challenge to create an audiobook had begun. At first, I felt like converting your book to an audiobook is hazardous to your health. Okay, maybe it was just me. My brain wasn’t suitable to understand that type of complication.

Just following the steps wasn’t the problem. Reading and comprehending all those rights and terms and conditions and also the contract between ACX, author and future narrator is also unknown territory to me. (You have to read all the teeny tiny disclaimers and contingencies and learn no-no’s and must do and know-how too)

By the way, if you make your book Audible exclusive on ACX (You can only sell it on Audible, Amazon Audio, and iTunes), you would be bound to those terms for seven years, which means you cannot sell or utilize it anywhere else like libraries, other stores that have audiobook choices, your website, social media, etc. Some call it the seven-year curse, but others are okay as most audiobooks are sold on Audible, Amazon and iTunes. So, if it is okay with you, no problem. ACX would help you sell your audiobook worldwide whether you choose exclusive or non-exclusive. However, the royalty is 40% for exclusive, while non-exclusive can earn only 25%. It’s all up to authors to choose. I chose non-exclusive for this book.

Now the production of my book into an audiobook has begun. And there were more unexpected things I had to deal with.

If you have something you’d like me to talk about in my blog, please let me know. Please go to the CONTACT page on my site and type in a topic. I’d be very grateful if you'd do that.

Please stay safe and healthy. See you soon.





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