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Serendipity in Berkeley in Audiobook! (2)

How not to get killed by creating an audiobook, #2

Hi all,

Today, I’d like to talk a little bit more about my splendid narrator Ms. Cheryl May.

As you read in the previous blog, I have finally met my one and only. If this was a dating app, it would be like the first-date-successful stage (figuratively).

Oh boy, how glad I am to have met her! All the load on my shoulders suddenly lightened. It sounds a bit exaggerated? Nope, it was my true feeling at that time.

Learning how to create an audiobook without professional help had burned me, and trying to find a great talented and appropriate voice for my story had almost made me roadkill. Ugh.

Cheryl is exceptional. Her voice can convey so much more than just the nuances and ambience of a book and its characters.

When I started working together with Cheryl for Serendipity in Berkeley, I was able to hear her excellent ability: Superb control of her voice, tone, pitch, speed as well as a sense of quickly grasping the dispositions of my characters and story line. When I heard her demo for my story, I felt like Detective Sam Crawford was standing in front of me, slightly frowning as if he was thinking of one of his cases, his black detective notebook in his hand.

I didn’t tell her much info about him, though. I just gave her character descriptions that contain a couple of lines of what he/she looks like, talks like and his/her uniqueness. However, she gets it. And this is the first time I ever experienced the feeling of Okay this is the chemistry and match that other authors express about their narrators.

My ode to her is on the CREDITS page on my website, please visit there.

Also, here is the link to her website.

I was almost killed by the huge monstrous vehicle named creating your own audiobook on the highway of Indie Authors. But I was saved when I found my narrator after a few months of struggle to make my own audiobook.

Next round, I am going to talk about ACX where you jump from the cliff to convert your book. When you do, make sure to have your lifeline tethered to you.

Please stay safe and be well. See you soon!






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