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My new book is coming soon!

My new book is coming this summer (planned in July). It is in my editor’s hands and it’s all up to her now when I can publish it.

Allow me to introduce the new book in the next couple of blog posts.

The title is Twilight Starlight World Alight, 'The Bay Area Blues Book 5’.

I will update my website to introduce my new book soon. Please keep an eye out for it! (I will post the date of its publication on my blog as soon as I come to know.)

The book cover is done by the talented Kelly Martin, and the trailer is in the hands of Kelly and her hubby and amazing film maker, Perry. I test watched it and it looked awesome! I will upload it to my website in a week or so when it’s finished.

The story is how the hero and heroine will solve difficult cases and rebuild their relationship. But it’s totally different from Serendipity in Berkeley.

Okay, that description of the story is oh-so generic. My apologies.

Let me go into a bit more detail.

The hero, David Harp is a tall and handsome (as many heroes are in romance novels) FBI divisional assistant director. He was a child prodigy in Computer Science and started working at the FBI as a cyber-specialist, then became a field agent. Afterwards, he climbed the ladder fast to the top management position at the division. But he still likes to investigate cases himself, especially when his friend in D.C. who is the chief of the counterterrorism team often asks for his assistance. Or for his girlfriend’s sake for that matter.

The problems usually come in multiples. (Yeah, in real life too…) His girlfriend, the heroine in the story, decides to leave him for a reason that he cannot guess.

Abby Stevens, David’s GF, with red hair and amber eyes, the heroine of this story is ostensibly an audacious firecracker. But in fact, she hates anything unpredictable. She thinks her courage is doubtful. She likes everything orderly and well-planned. So when her life gets upended by criminals, they push her close to the edge and suddenly her guts overrides her fear and turns her into a true kick-ass Abby. She starts standing up for what she believes.

Different from my previous heroine Alex, isn’t she? Intellectuality, hardheadedness and standing by what they believe are the only common attributes between those two women.

Actually Abby and David are also in my Serendipity in Berkeley. They help Sam and his team solve the cases.

Do you remember when Sam wants to find the whereabouts of the alleged suspects that take the victim’s vehicle to get out of town? Sam comes up with an idea to use Google Maps search and asks Abby for cooperation. But she ends up asking for help from David since the problem needs certain info to solve, which only the national reconnaissance satellite images can provide. David also assists the joint investigation team to arrest the main villain dude.

Okay, so how is it different from Serendipity in Berkeley?

1) Less explicit love scenes.

Well, Abby breaks up with him very close to the beginning. So…

2) More action scenes.

Serendipity in Berkeley is almost exclusively based on the detectives’ painstaking investigation of the local (and statewide) cases. The new story covers a broader spectrum, local to nationwide, even though the incidents happen in the Bay Area. So, more noisy bang-bang in the new story. You may be able to guess the story when you see the trailer. Please wait for it for a bit.

3) More modern intelligence battles are there. David is a cyber expert and I want him to show off his ability. I tried to create a cyberwar-ish ambience.

4) Abby’s bestie Mia is also an important story mover. Her audacious action scheme eventually saves Abby’s tushie.

I always wanted to write about these types of characters. Now they are alive in my new story. I hope you’ll like it too.

I will talk more about it later in my blog.

Thank you for reading my blog and visiting my website.

Please stay safe and be healthy.






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