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Another Award and More News

Hi Everyone –

Holy cow!

My Serendipity in Berkeley received another award. It was named ‘Distinguished Favorite’ in the Romantic Suspense category of the 2021 Independent Press Award. It’s a silver seal which means I won second prize! Yay. After such an exhausting year, it’s another piece of good news that gives me the energy to keep writing. Thank you all for supporting me and my books.

As for my work in progress, I ended up tweaking Lovers of Raven’s Crossing a bit more than I had expected, but my beta readers insist it was worth the extra effort. It’s in the hands of a proofreader now so I hope to be able to publish it in May.

Annnnd, my next book. Yes, it has started. As I wrote before in my blog, my writing has been encouraged by my father. I have no time to rest but keep on writing as long as characters in my head want to get out. My new story is being moved out of Berkeley and the East Bay to another location. It is in the San Francisco Bay Area but I think it’s time to change the scenery. Okay, still a romantic suspense. I’d like you to solve cases along with the detectives in the new story too. I’ll update my website on the new book when I finish the first draft.

This pandemic has been relentless and brutal to everyone in the world, and my family is no exception. I lost my beloved uncle who was a neurosurgeon and mentor to me (aside from my parents) in my professional occupation, and it has been dragging everyone in my family down. It’s been hard to come back to a normal state. Luckily my father has been spared by the claws of this disease, but since he is a cancer patient, we can’t take our eyes off of him yet.

Although there are parts of the world where the pandemic is still raging, here in California we seem to be turning the corner. Since my last post I was able to get vaccinated and so have millions of other Californians. With spring here, I am looking forward to spending some time outdoors and going to my favorite market. I’m hoping the summer will be a lot better.

Please take good care of yourselves!




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