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Seven-Night Long_6x9.jpg

Sgt. Ken Howard

Homicide Detective at Santa Clara PD, CA

"... I don't need to be a hero..."

---Seven-Night Long

Cmdr.  Ian Anderson

The Hostage Rescue Team, FBI

"Trust me."         ---Time After Time

Time After Time_6x9.jpg
The Hunter and The Chef_6x9.jpg

Deputy Pete Connor

US Marshals, Fugitive Task Force,

Former FBI CI and Mercenary sniper

Gone under WITSEC

"... The last line of defense between innocent and evil..." 

--- The Hunter and the Chef

Serendipity in Berkeley_6x9.jpg

Sgt. Sam Crawford

Detective of Detectives Bureau of Berkeley,


Former Special Response Team

"... Nothing can defeat us...."

---Serendipity in Berkeley

Ass. Dir. David Harp

the FBI West Coast Division

Cyber security expert

One short failed marriage

"I’ll figure out how to slay the dragon, although I’d never played Dungeons and Dragons." --Twilight Starlight World Alight

Twilight Starlight World Alight.jpg



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