... the accident had been destined to have happened

 under the promising shooting star...

Solving mysterious crimes and seeking the truth.

Keeping their love safe from a quick turn of fate.




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Serendipity in Berkeley

Full of intricate crimes, breathtaking encounters, dangerous sting operations.

Will love survive amid shocking turns of events?

"If we're meant to meet again, then we'll meet again."

               --- Serendipity, (Film.2001)


Dashing detective Sam Crawford has been looking for love in all the wrong places.  After having rescued the love of his life in a tragic accident ten years ago, she disappeared without a trace.  However, when a baffling murder investigation lands on his doorstep, things seem ready to drastically change.

Alluring medical examiner Alex Wallace has been trying to fill the empty void which has existed in her life for years.  A decade earlier she was saved from certain death by a fearless patrol officer.  Since that moment in time she has been fruitlessly trying to reconnect with her handsome hero who had been whisked off to the burn unit in the blink of an eye.

The Law of Serendipity has a way of appearing at the most fortuitous of times.  When the lost soulmates are finally reunited as the result of a mysterious murder, sparks begin to fly and a smoldering fire and passion reignites.  However, this is no simple killing they are investigating.  It is part of a much larger and devious criminal plot which has tentacles reaching seemingly everywhere.  It is leaving a path of destruction in its wake… and they may very well be the next casualties.

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