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Time After Time_6x9.jpg

Hot chocolate, sugar cookies, fluffy pillows, fringe throws.

This holiday season, one book might add a little oomph

to your all-time favorite winter items.


Ellen O’Brien has loved one man since she was a toddler next door. She knows she cannot win him over any other women because he only sees her as a sister.


One day when her half-sister, 12 year old computer genius Noel O’Brien-Castillo visits her from Florida, things turn in an unexpected way.


Ian Anderson, a Special Agent-in-charge of the FBI and the Commander of the Hostage Rescue Team has a long-term itch for his childhood friend and sister-like Ellen. She is the only one person who disarms him with her eyes and makes him feel vulnerable. He’s hated the feeling for a long time.


When his sister Rena’s newborn is kidnapped, he and his FBI team and the Santa Clara Police together must solve the child abduction ASAP and bring back the baby unscathed. When the abductor names Ellen to bring the ransom for the baby, Ian and the tactical team along with Noel have to utilize Ellen’s Tesla and AI technology to rescue Ellen and the baby.


Ellen has to reconcile with her estranged mother and her memories of her deceased biological father are somehow stirred up. At that point, Ian realizes he can concoct a fantastic surprise for Christmas. This holiday season turns out to be nothing short of a miracle and thrill.



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