When you're given a second chance,

giving up is not an option...


Pete Connor had a different life previously and almost lost his way back to being a law-abiding citizen. Now he has been under the witness security program WITSEC helped by the Federal agencies. As a deputy of the US Marshals Fugitive Task Force from Boston, he crosses the nation chasing one bad dude to the Bay Area, California.


Crystal Reynolds, the manager of a catering company Fleur de Napa has great pressure to take care of catering at the food and wine festival in Napa. But when she is visited by deputies of the US Marshals, she realizes one of her helpers is the fugitive. Aside from that, one of the deputies is crowding her life, although she cannot deal with men after she had an abusive relationship.


However, when Pete and his boss Jamie Gabriel learn their fugitive is murdered and found in the middle of the city of Santa Clara, their Big Boss in D.C. allows them to investigate his death on a joint team.


Now Pete wants to solve the case ASAP, but he also wants the sexy chef named Crystal Reynolds who grabs his heart right after he meets her.


Nonetheless, since the Bay Area is one of his old territories, which he has been avoiding after entering WITSEC, will his past catch up with him?

Cover Art by Kelly Martin <>      Copyright 2019-2020©Kay C. Beerman