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Solving a case is always time-sensitive;

Sometimes so is love...





Rena Anderson hates her family full of law enforcement.  After she loses her job and is dumped by her ex, she’s decided to move to Northern California.  She invades her BFF and childhood friend’s apartment and starts a brand new life.  She is eager to find a new job and life without the curious eyes of her family or anybody for that matter.


Ken Howard is born to be a cop.  Right after college and the police academy, he has started working at the Santa Clara Police Department and eventually become a sharp homicide detective.  And he is well-known ladies’ man and he’s never done keeps in his life.  Until he has to take care of a drunken woman, Rena Anderson at the bar, who is his good friend’s BFF.  He’s soon realized she may be the one for him for keeps as the chemistry between them is so real.


Rena’s older brother, Ian Anderson, a Special Agent-in-charge of the FBI, has been working on a covert operation on a joint team of several federal agencies, the FBI, DEA, ATF and the US Marshals, to take down one of the malicious foreign drug cartels.  A top ranking cartel member and mercenary shooter Jo Cabernet flips and becomes their CI to help dismantle the cartel.  However, even before the cartel doubts about Jo, a local gang Northern Brothers in the San Francisco Bay Area has started targeting him believing he is looting a vast amount of their goods and they hire an assassin to rub him out.


When Rena and her BFF are victimized by Northern Brothers and they push Sgt. Howard to the edge, Ian realizes the attacks on the women have specifically targeted his sister unbeknownst to her, and the incidents are actually connected to his operation.  Now his team must dismantle not only the cartel but the local gang.  While the Santa Clara Police investigate the cases and protect Rena, Ian and his team are closing in to complete the mission and to save his sister with the help of selfless efforts from his CI Jo and Sgt. Howard.



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