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                                                                   THE BAY AREA BLUES  BOOK 7

I want to protect you from the darkness

But I need a drop of you

To save my soul from the demon

Detective Sgt. Jason Rivera of the Oakland Police Department is a paragon of taut, toned, discipline.  He has his own strict codes of ethics and conduct and his goal in life is being honorable and a perfect servant to serve and protect the public.


He has been playing basketball from junior high through college.  He now plays for a police/fire team and he enjoys being a volunteer coach for children’s basketball teams after work.  And he meets Rachel Cooper at one of the games and asks her out.


Rachel Cooper stands out in a crowd like a model from a fashion magazine for her height and figure. Since she’s tall and athletic, she played basketball when she was a freshman in high school, but it wasn’t her thing. She works as a theatrical director to create fun classical theater plays including Shakespeare for junior high kids to young adults.  Teaching them the values of those classical plays has been her passion since high school.


Jason and Rachel quickly feel they are meant to be, so they decide to move forward to be in a relationship committing to each other.  However, when Jason’s past knocks on the door, all hell breaks loose and it puts their relationship to the ultimate test.

Coming to your soul in winter



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