My 10 favorite things by Lt. Ken Howard, Santa Clara PD

    "What are your 10 favorite things, Lieutenant? " (Interviewer = Int.)

    We need good cars. To pursue suspects, but sometimes wind up taking your future wife home.

    Int. "By the way, Sgt. Howard has been promoted to Lt after book 1 Seven-Night Long. Congratulations. You chose your car as number one out of ten."

    Lt. "Because cars are important for detectives to do our job."

    My 10 favorite things: Police issued Charger

    When I became a detective, I was issued an unmarked Charger. And I fell in love with it. (Long before I met my wife.) Fast, steady, powerful yet sleek, because of those characteristics, many police use this car. For my personal car, I am using an SUV now. When you have family, you need a car with bigger capacity.

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